Recordings of meetings at Gloucester Salvation Army

Some meetings, in particular our Sunday morning worship, are recorded to allow them to be shared with those who are currently unable to join us in person at The Salvation Army. Select the meeting you wish to listen to and then listen to each part of the meeting using the player controls displayed. Some parts of the meetings, subject to copyright restrictions, are available for you to download to listen to offline.

2017-07-30 Morning Meeting. Majors Gareth and Susan Heward

Opening Music
Welcome and Announcments
Song - Who is on the Lord's Side (NSB 992)
Scripture - John 14 1-7
Song - We Want to See Jesus Lifted High (NSB 401)
Songsters - Intercede, O Lord (download)
All Age - I Met This Week
Introduction of HeartFest
Song - We Are Marching in the Light of God (NSB 903)
Recognition of 65 Years Service - Len Walker
Senior Band - Hold Thou My Hand (download)
Scripture - Acts 9 1-6 and Isaiah 30 19-21
Music and Prayer for Offering
Song - Jesus Came to Save Me By His Precious Blood
Message - I Am the Way (download)
Song - Thou Art the Way (NSB 628)
Closing Music - Will You Come and Follow Me