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Community work @ Gloucester Salvation Army

Ask people on the street what they know the Salvation Army for and it'll almost certainly be their community work. Many don't even realise that The Salvation Army is a church, but only recognise the charity efforts of our movement. The Salvation Army in Gloucester continues to uphold the calling first heard by William Booth, to seek out and help those in our society who are in need, and first to provide for their physical needs, showing the love of God through care and provision.

Weekly Support

We provide a cooked takeaway lunch on a weekly basis for up to 80 men and women in need, with assistance from volunteers. Throughout the week we provide help for those who need clothing, food and other necessities.

In addition we organise a soup run on Monday evenings to provide assistance to those sleeping on the streets of Gloucester.

If you would like to volunteer with us and support those in our local city centre community please contact us.

Christmas Food Hampers & Toys

At Christmas, through the generous support of many donors and the money collected in the City Centre and at supermarkets while we play carols, we are able to provide food hampers and gifts of toys for families in need who have been referred to us through Social Services or family centres. Each Christmas approximately 700 hampers and toys for 800 children are distributed in Gloucester as a result of these efforts. The number of recipients of these Christmas gifts has more than doubled over the last 5 years. We could not meet this need without the generosity of the public.

Christmas toy sacks for Gloucester children
Helpers preparing Christmas toy sacks in 2014

National Fundraising

Each year our Annual Appeal raises substantial sums for helping those in need across the United Kingdom. Of course, we only carry the collecting boxes, and want to thank those in Gloucester who donate in excess of £4,000 each year in this way.

Charity Concerts

We also hold regular charity concerts, using the musical gifts given by God to raise awareness of, and funds for many local, national and international charities including:

Forthcoming Events