Music @ Gloucester Salvation Army

"Let us have a real tune, that is, a melody with some distinct air in it, that one can take hold of, which people can learn, nay which makes them learn it, which takes hold of them and goes on humming in the mind... That is the sort of tune to help you; it will preach to you, and bring you believers and converts."
William Booth, Founder, The Salvation Army

The words of the Founder of The Salvation Army towards the end of the 19th Century summarise the purpose of music in our Church: we make music to help us in our worship, and to act as a vehicle for contact with non-Christians.

The links to the right will take you to pages for each of our musical groups. Explore at your leisure; come along to one of their many listed events and gain comfort and inspiration from music written to praise the name of Jesus Christ.