Thought for the Week: Let your light shine

A few weeks ago, I returned home late one evening and parked the car on the drive as I normally do. As I got out of the car something felt very different. I looked down the street and it did not seem as bright as it usually did, whereas around the car seemed to be much lighter. I stood for a while trying to work out what the difference was and then suddenly I realised what it was. Gloucestershire County Council had changed our street lights! I remembered I had seen a letter that had come through the door telling us they were changing our streets lights to the new LED type and during the day, whilst I was out, their engineers had clearly been busy in our street replacing all the lights. The familiar orange glow of the old street lights had gone and instead was the more direct white light from the LED lights. I understand the new lights are longer lasting and more efficient. Perhaps it is just me but I feel the old lights gave more light across a wider area whereas the new lights seem to give brighter light in the immediate area around the lamp post. We have a lamp post at the end of our drive hence our car appeared much brighter. I'm still undecided as to whether or not the new street lights are an improvement - I need a few more weeks to get used to them.

Today, we celebrate Palm Sunday and for the people of God two thousand years ago the light that had come into the world in the form of Jesus was shining at its brightest. Hope and expectancy filled the air. The Son of David, the Messiah was here to lead them into Jerusalem for the victory parade. The liberty that he had proclaimed for the captives and the freedom he had promised the oppressed was to be realised. Hosanna! Alleluia! The light was shining at its brightest. And yet unbeknown to the excited crowds, the darker times would not be far away. Today the light would burn bright, but in a few days time, a little further along the way the atmosphere would become much more gloomy. Only one person knew that this was going to happen and faithfully he continued on his journey when others would have easily turned away. Once again at the start of Holy Week, we journey with Jesus knowing that the brightness of today will turn into the darkness of Gethsemane, the chaos of the courtyard and the cruelty of Calvary. Thankfully, we also know that the light that came into the world in Jesus is an everlasting light – it would not be snuffed out on a cross nor would it be buried in a tomb. Instead it would live on for all eternity. This Holy week: 

Lord, Let your light, light of your face shine on us
That we, may be saved; that we, may have life
To find our way in the darkest night
Let your light, Shine on us

Every blessing,
Major Adrian