Recordings of meetings at Gloucester Salvation Army

Our Sunday morning worship is recorded and shared on our Youtube Channel.

A number of years ago our meetings were recorded with audio only. You can listen to some of those using the links below.

2019-10-27 Morning Meeting, Majors Gareth and Susan Heward

Opening Music
A Call to Worship - Psalm 103
Songsters - This Day (download)
Song - Give Thanks (NSB 364)
Song - Jehovah is our Strength (NSB 38)
Song - Blessed be the Name of the Lord (SoF 673)
The Box of Descriptory
Music for Offering
Scripture - 2 Samuel 22 v31
Senior Band - Ein Feste Burg (download)
Message (download)
Song - Cornerstone (NSB 662)
Song - Firm in Thy Strong Control (NSB 752)
Closing Music