Recordings of meetings at Gloucester Salvation Army

Our Sunday morning worship is recorded and shared on our Youtube Channel.

A number of years ago our meetings were recorded with audio only. You can listen to some of those using the links below.

2020-02-09 Morning Meeting. Major Susan Heward

Opening Music
Welcome and Announcements
Song - Christ for the World we Sing (SASB 917)
Song and Prayer - This is My Desire (SASB 397)
Training Band - I am Praying
Sound Track Self Denial Video
Songsters - I n Me (download)
Scripture - Acts 1 42-47
Song - Help us to Help each Other Lord (SASB 815)
Senior Band - People Need the Lord (download)
Music and Prayer for Offering
Song - Brother, Sister Let me serve You (SASB 1005)
Message (download)
Song - Help us Build a Loveing World (SASB 1001)
Prayer (2)
Song - Lord of the Church (SASB 817)
Closing Music