Recordings of meetings at Gloucester Salvation Army

Our Sunday morning worship is recorded and shared on our Youtube Channel.

A number of years ago our meetings were recorded with audio only. You can listen to some of those using the links below.

2020-02-16 Morning Meeting. Cliff Matthews

Opening Music
Welcome and Announcements
Song - I Dare to be Different (SASB 321)
Song - Be Still (SASB 353)
Song - Give Thanks to the Lord (SASB 363)
Training Band - Rachie
Video Soundtrack SD.
What Frightens You
Scripture - Psalm 91
Senior Band - Psalm 91 (download)
Songsters - It is You (download)
Music for Offering
Song - What a Friend (SASB 795)
Thoughts (download)
Chorus - In This Quiet Moment (SASB 595)
Prayer (2)
Song - I've Found the Pearl of Greatest Price (SASB 869)
Closing Music